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The goal of this project is to develop Frisbee Thrower that accurately and consistently launches Frisbees through targets 10 feet away. To accomplish this, the mechanism must be able to locate the target, aim and position the launcher, and launch the disc consistently. Four different launching techniques were considered and compared in a Pugh Chart as shown in design. The techniques were evaluated based on expected accuracy, consistency, simplicity, controllability, and disc velocity. The chosen technique is a launcher that uses a rotating fly wheel to propel the discs. It is believed that this technique will result in the best accuracy and be the simplest to produce. This firing apparatus will be placed on an adjustable platform that is aimed using motors and an Aruduino microcontroller. A camera on the front of the mechanism will be used for targeting. A hopper will feed the discs to the launching mechanism one at a time.

Prioritized List of Functional Goals

1. Accurately and consistently throw the discs
  • Accurate positioning of firing mechanism
  • Consistent disc linear and angular velocity
2. Accurately and quickly locate the target
3. High firing rate
  • Fire three discs in 20 seconds
  • Quick turnaround between hopper release and fire
  • Efficient positioning after target is located

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